CO2 for Cannabis: The Benefits and How to Use It


CO₂  for cannabis is one of the most underused tools in the grower’s toolbox. However, it offers a wide range of benefits that can help you produce healthier, more potent plants.

CO₂  is an essential part of the cannabis growing process. While many people focus on the plant itself, CO₂ is a gas that is essential for photosynthesis.

As a result, CO2 can help to boost plant growth. CO2 is also effective at controlling pests and diseases. By creating an environment rich in CO2, growers can help discourage pests and diseases from taking hold.

CO₂ levels in the atmosphere are constantly changing, which can directly impact the rate of photosynthesis. When CO₂ levels are high, plants can grow more quickly. That is why many growers use CO₂ to boost growth rates. However, CO₂ can also increase yields, as it allows plants to utilize light and nutrients better.

This article will discuss what CO₂  is, how it works, and how to use it in your garden. We will also explore the benefits of CO₂  for cannabis and show you how to get started using it!

What is CO₂?

CO₂ is a gas that is naturally present in the atmosphere. It is essential for life on Earth and plays a vital role in plant growth. Plants use CO₂ to produce glucose during photosynthesis. Plants then use glucose to create energy.

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While CO₂ is necessary for plant growth, too much or too little CO₂ can be detrimental to plants. When levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere are too low, plants may not be able to produce enough glucose to support their growth. That can lead to stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and poor health.

On the other hand, when CO₂ levels are too high, plants may experience “carbon dioxide toxicity.” This can cause leaves to turn brown and drop off stunted growth and reduced yields. The ideal CO₂ level for cannabis plants is between 1000-1500 ppm.

Interestingly, CO2 is also used in the cannabis industry. Cannabis growers use CO2 to increase yields and create more potent strains of marijuana. 

In addition, by pumping CO2 into their grow rooms, growers can create an artificial environment that is ideal for cannabis plants. As a result, CO2 has become an essential tool in the modern cannabis industry.

So there you have it: CO2 is an essential molecule that plays a vital role in our ecology and economy. 

Without CO2, we would all be dead. But thanks to CO2, we can enjoy beautiful plants and delicious marijuana!

How CO₂ Works in the Cannabis Grow Room

While CO₂ is present in the atmosphere, it is not always at ideal levels for plants. To reach the optimal CO₂ level for cannabis, growers must supplement with CO₂ using a CO₂ generator or CO₂ tank.

CO₂ generators work by burning fossil fuels, such as natural gas, propane, or gasoline. This process creates CO₂, water vapor, and heat. 

The CO₂ is then released into the grow room, where it will raise the CO₂ level to the desired level. CO₂ tanks are filled with CO₂ that has been compressed into a liquid form. The CO₂ is then released into the grow room through a regulator.

Cannabis plants are particularly efficient at using CO₂, and a grower can take advantage of this by increasing the CO₂ levels in the grow room.

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Higher CO₂ levels help the plant produce more chlorophyll, increasing growth rates, and larger yields. CO₂ groups can be grown in many ways, including using CO₂ generators or CO₂ enrichment systems.

Benefits of CO₂ for Cannabis Plants

There are many benefits of using CO₂ for cannabis plants. CO₂ can help improve the overall health of your plants, increase yields, and improve the quality of your crop. Some of the specific benefits of CO₂ for cannabis include:

Increased photosynthesis:

CO₂ is essential for photosynthesis, allowing plants to convert light into energy.

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By increasing the level of CO₂ in the grow room, you can increase the amount of light that your plants can convert into energy.

This can lead to faster growth rates and larger yields.

Improved nutrient uptake:

CO₂ helps plants absorb nutrients more efficiently. When CO₂ levels are increased, the stomata on the leaves of plants open wider.

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This allows more CO₂ to enter the plant and helps the plant absorb nutrients more effectively.

Improved flavor and aroma:

CO₂ can also improve the flavor and aroma of your cannabis crop. This is because CO₂ helps terpenes, the compounds that give cannabis its unique taste and smell, evaporate more quickly.

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This can lead to a more potent and flavorful final product.

How to Use CO₂ in Your Grow Room

If you’re interested in using CO₂ in your grow room, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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  1. First, you’ll need to purchase a CO₂ generator or CO₂ tank. These can be found at most grow stores or online retailers.
  1. Next, you’ll need to install a CO₂ regulator in your grow room. This will help you control the level of CO₂ in the room and prevent levels from getting too high or too low.
  1. Finally, you’ll need to monitor the CO₂ levels in your grow room using a CO₂ meter. This will help you ensure that groups are at the optimal level for your plants.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to successfully use CO₂ in your grow room and reap all of the benefits that CO₂ has to offer. Your plants will thank you for it!

How Do Plants Make Use of CO2?

The pores on your cannabis plants are called stomata. These allow the plants to breathe in carbon dioxide from the air. 

This is necessary for photosynthesis, which is how the plant gets energy from light. Algae, bacteria, and other plants use this same process to collect energy from sunlight.

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When you grow cannabis indoors, your plants use light bulbs instead of sunlight. They absorb the artificial light and turn it into sugar and oxygen. 

The plant takes in the carbohydrates it needs to thrive while the oxygen is released back into the atmosphere. 

When you increase the CO₂ levels in your grow room, your plants produce more energy. This only works if you give them enough light.

Even though the light is required for plant growth, it will not grow as well as it could if CO₂ levels in the area are not raised. If there isn’t enough CO₂ in the environment, plants will suffocate and die eventually.

To assist your cannabis growth, you should utilize fluorescent lights or a low-powered light source. Adding extra CO₂ to the air will not result in your plants producing more buds if the atmosphere already has enough CO₂.

If you use more light than your plant’s natural capacity to absorb, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide is a good idea. This will help the plant’s photosynthesis, resulting in greater yields.

You can encourage your plants to generate more energy by providing them with the same amount of light. This will cause them to develop bigger and produce more due to giving them the same amount of light.

Here are some ideas for improving CO2 levels in your cannabis field.

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  1. Using air-cooled lights with glass inserts is a good idea. The light will be cooled before entering the room. This will help keep the room cool. Additionally, using sealed glass helps keep CO2 from escaping.
  1. Dehumidifiers and recirculating air conditioners should be purchased. You waste CO₂ when you utilize exhaust fans that cycle regularly.
  1. Make sure the humidity in the room is between 40% and 60%. If it falls below 40%, the stomata on the plant will close, and it won’t be able to get enough water.
  1. Because they promote air circulation, oscillating fans are a wise investment. In addition, stagnant air can build a vapor barrier on the lower surface of leaves, preventing carbon dioxide absorption.
  1. Humic and fulvic acid additions are beneficial in increasing iron and other mineral absorption.
  2. Iron boosts photosynthesis in high CO₂ environments by acting as a catalyst for chlorophyll formation.
  1. Increase the ammonium to nitrate ratio in your fertilizer. Plants do not assimilate as much nitrate-nitrogen when CO₂ levels are high, but they effectively utilize nitrogen in its ammonium form.


  • CO₂ is necessary for plant growth, but too much or too little can be detrimental
  • The ideal CO₂ level for cannabis plants is between 1000-1500 ppm
  • CO₂ generators and CO₂ tanks can be used to supplement CO₂ levels
  • There are many benefits to using CO₂ for cannabis plants, including increased photosynthesis, improved nutrient uptake, and improved flavor and aroma.
  • CO₂ levels in the grow room should be monitored using a CO₂ meter to ensure that they are at the optimal level for plants.
  • Using CO₂ can help improve the overall health of your plants, increase yields, and improve the quality of your crop.


CO₂ is a versatile molecule that’s being used in many different ways. Cannabis plants benefit from CO₂ in several ways. CO₂ helps the plant to photosynthesize more efficiently, increasing yields.

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Plants use CO₂ to create glucose through photosynthesis, and it also helps to strengthen the cell walls of plants. As a result, cannabis plants grown in environments with high CO₂ levels tend to be more resilient and produce more buds.

CO₂ also helps to improve the taste and smell of the final product. When appropriately used, CO₂ can be a valuable tool for cannabis growers. CO₂ is available in pressurized canisters and can be applied using a CO₂ generator or CO₂ controller. Grow room, greenhouse, or indoor grow setup. 

CO₂ can be increased in a grow room using a CO₂ generator or by using CO₂ enriched air. When using CO₂-enriched air, it is essential to monitor the CO₂ levels carefully to avoid harming the plants.

When appropriately used, CO₂ can be a powerful tool for increasing yield and improving the quality of cannabis plants.

By following these guidelines, growers can safely and effectively use CO₂ to improve their cannabis yields.

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