Khalifa Kush

Dominate TerpLimonene
Akaaka KK, Wiz Khalifa, Wiz Khalifa Kush, Kalifa Kush
Star Ratings4.5
Ratings Amount711
Strain TypeHybrid
% THC21

Khalifa Kush Terpene Profile

Dominate TerpLimonene
Other Terp 1Myrcene
Other Terp 2Caryophyllene

Khalifa Kush Info

Introducing Khalifa Kush, also known as KK, Wiz Khalifa, Kalifa Kush, and Wiz Khalifa OG – a special hybrid 🌿 strain tailor-made for the renowned rap artist Wiz Khalifa. With an impressive THC content of 21%, this strain is perfect for experienced users. It is believed to have descended from an unidentified OG strain. πŸ’¨

Initially unavailable to the general public, the exclusive Khalifa Kush strain is now accessible in limited quantities through select partners. 🎟️ Ideal for starting your day or staying active, it delivers a creative cerebral high that many compare to the effects of OG Kush 🧠🌱.

Prepare your taste buds for the delightful flavors of velvety kush, zesty pepper, tangy sour lemon, and refreshing pine πŸŒ²πŸ‹. Those seeking relief from mental stress or pain often turn to Khalifa Kush as their go-to medical marijuana strain. πŸ’š

If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of Khalifa Kush, an eighth of this strain typically ranges in price from $35 to $50 πŸ’°. Let this unique cannabis strain take you on an invigorating journey with its uplifting effects and intoxicating aromas. πŸš€

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Khalifa Kush Genetics

Parent 1OG Kush
Child 1Baby Yoda
Child 2Khalifa Mints
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