Phat Burger

Strain TypeHybrid
% THC41
% CBD1

Phat Burger Info

Phat Burger is a newly developed cannabis variety created by Flawless Flowers through the combination of the strains Fatso and Han Solo Burger. Its appearance includes vibrant bright green buds with hints of dark green and reddish-brown hairs, along with a generous amount of trichomes covering the surface. When consumed, Phat Burger offers a delightful combination of garlicky and gassy flavors, with a refreshing twist of lemony and OG undertones. The initial inhalation of this strain provides a powerful and invigorating sensation, gradually transitioning into a soothing body high. In recognition of its exceptional qualities, Phat Burger was awarded the Silver prize in both the Indoor THCa and Co-Dominant Terpene categories at the 2023 California State Fair Cannabis Awards. We encourage those who have experienced this remarkable strain to share their thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment below.

Phat Burger Genetics

Parent 1Fatso
Parent 2Han Solo Burger
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