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Presented Published on February 28, 2022 • Last updated July 13, 2022

The scene: you’ve just landed a new job and you start soon! But first, you must pass a drug test, and you have to pass it next week. This tight schedule means you haven’t had time to properly “study up” and detox, and the fear you’ll fail the test (and lose the job before it ever starts) is strong.

You may know urine tests can detect THC in your system for around 30 days after your most recent consumption, but you polished off your last space brownie only two days ago, and you consume cannabis daily. A friend points you to synthetic urine, which they tell you is a sure-fire solution to pass your test; after all, it was designed to be pure and free of THC. 

Could this really solve your problem? The short answer is: no. 

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is essentially a blend of isolated components that make up the real thing, except instead of being made inside of your body, it’s made in a lab. The key ingredient in urine is urea, and synthetic urine relies on synthesized urea plus a combination of water, creatinine, and sometimes uric acid. 

Labs producing synthetic urine attempt to match the key signals of organic urine that tests look for, including an accurate chemical profile, pH balance, density, color, and odor. Of course, synthetic urine does not contain components like THC! 

While in theory urine can be accurately synthesized and mimicked, in practice, it really only fools the “naked eye.” Urinalysis techniques used today are so advanced that it is nearly impossible for fake pee to get past the vigilance of testing labs.

Reasons to avoid fake pee

The reasons to avoid using fake or synthetic urine are plenty and include scary consequences if caught.

Supervised testing

The first and most challenging obstacle with fake pee is that most drug tests are supervised. Considering you will likely have to have a monitor or chaperone in there with you while you deposit your sample, the likelihood of having “perfect” fake pee and being able to successfully deploy it is slim to none.

Lab detection

Perhaps fake pee could have worked in the 90s but the drug tests of today are far more advanced. Tests now separate and identify compounds in the sample and measure their mass, color, and odor. Even if your synthetic urine supplier was able to get past all those components, the temperature is also measured. It is nearly impossible to maintain the temperature of the fake urine to match that of your real urine.

When it comes down to it, the issue with passable fake pee is not whether or not the sample is THC-free. That’s the easy part. Synthesizing truly bio-identical “clean” urine is another issue entirely.


If you are caught with fake urine you will likely face serious consequences. First, you will obviously fail the test, meaning you will lose the job or whatever the opportunity was that was your original reason for being tested. Secondly, and more seriously, you could be looking at a hefty fine or even jail time depending on your state.

Recommended alternatives for synthetic urine

What can you do instead of trying to pass off fake pee? Right off the bat, forget any “home remedies” you may have heard about. These just don’t do the job, sorry, and any passing tests they produce are the result of a lucky error. Instead, viable alternatives include: 

Detox drinks/capsules: Though not “permanent,” these can give you a window of a few hours in which it is ideal to take your test. These function by rapidly flushing your system of toxins that could show up in your urine, including THC molecules. Though not as good as just flat out not having THC in your system, these can be effective if used properly. However, it’s important to remember that the THC is not permanently removed from your system, but only for a small window of time. So if you miss the timing on your detox drink, you may not get the results you’re hoping for. Following the instructions is the key to success.

Detox kits: As opposed to the momentary effect of same-day detox drinks, detox kits will permanently clear your system of THC (at least until you consume it again). Because of this, they are the ideal solution for cannabis consumers preparing for a test coming up soon. However, they require five to ten days (depending on the kit) to be completely effective, so be sure to plan ahead.

Fail-Safe Kit

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The Fail-Safe Kit from is designed for daily cannabis consumers who need to take a urine test on the fly and do not want to leave their results to chance. Designed to fully kick in after 90 minutes and remain effective for up to six hours, the Fail-Safe Kit gives you a sizable window in which to deposit a clean, THC-free sample. 

The kit consists of a combination of pre-cleanse capsules, a liquid body cleansing shot, and cleans capsules, with ingredients including vitamins B12, B6, and C, and a proprietary blend that includes dandelion, green tea extract, and red clover. 

Better yet, this product is recommended for those with high body fat content or high weight levels regardless of toxin exposure (remember, THC is stored in body fat, and not all detox products are up to the task for all body types or for frequent consumers). 

On top of everything else, the kit includes a digital eight-page instruction book to make your detox experience as easy & successful as possible. also offers live phone and chat support to answer questions during the process. Finally, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  

5-Day Detox Kit

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If you have the time to spare, the 5-Day Detox Kit from offers a highly reliable detox solution. A best-seller, this has helped over 250,000 people cleanse their bodies of unwanted toxins fast, and is designed to meet the needs of those with the highest exposure. 

The kit includes a pre-cleanse formula, a daily herbal supplement, a 13-page instructional, a detox diet menu, and two at-home test kits to monitor your progress. The kit also includes extra help in the form of live chat and phone support for completing your cleanse, as well as optional daily email or text reminders to keep you on track. 

As with their other products, also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. For cannabis consumers looking for the best solution for prepping for their urine test, this is the ideal option. 

For cannabis consumers preparing for a urine test on a tight schedule, the detox kits and products from offer the tried-and-true solutions you can trust for securing a passing grade. Of course, it should go without saying that if you want a THC-free result, the success of these products depends on you discontinuing cannabis use while cleansing as well as following the instructions properly.

Don’t trust synthetic urine to pass your drug test. Using one of these trusted detox products will mean you can go into test day confident you will test clean. 

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