Akaaka Belini
Star Ratings3.5
Ratings Amount2
Strain TypeHybrid
% THC19

Bellini Info

🌿 Bellini, an indica weed strain, is created by crossing Zkittles, Vetrus OG, and Sorbetto. 🌱 Its name is inspired by the Italian cocktail due to its spicy exotic fruit flavors. 💥 With a THC content of 19%, it is best suited for experienced cannabis consumers.

😌 Bellini is known to provide a relaxed, happy, and sleepy effect, according to feedback from Strain Guide customers. 🎗️ Medical marijuana patients often choose it to alleviate symptoms related to anxiety, inflammation, and stress. 🔬 Bred by Good Day Farm, a trusted brand in the South, Bellini offers flavors like pear, orange, and earthy notes.

🌟 This strain is rich in myrcene, its dominant terpene. 💰 The average price of an eighth of Bellini falls between $40 and $60. 🍇 Bellini, a potent indica-dominant hybrid, delivers fast-acting euphoric effects alongside a physically relaxing experience.

💨 Its aroma consists of pungent undertones of citrus and earthiness, while its appearance showcases dark purple buds and vibrant orange hairs. 🌙 Perfect for unwinding at the end of the day or

Bellini Genetics

Parent 1First strain Zlz
Parent 2Second strain Srt
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