Gelato Cream

Akaaka Gelato N Cream, Gelato & Cream
Star Ratings5.0
Ratings Amount3
Strain TypeHybrid
% THC17

Gelato Cream Info

Gelato Cream is a hybrid weed strain 🌿 created by crossing Gelato and Cream 🍨. This delightful strain offers a creamy and sweet flavor, reminiscent of gelato ice cream with a touch of vanilla 🍦. With a THC content of 17%, Gelato Cream is an excellent choice for cannabis consumers at any level of experience 💨.

Customers of Strain Guide have shared that Gelato Cream produces feelings of euphoria, arousal, and happiness 😄. This strain is often chosen by medical marijuana patients to alleviate symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression 🌱. Created by Compound Genetics, Gelato Cream showcases delightful flavors such as sweetness, vanilla, and mint 🍬.

The dominant terpene found in Gelato Cream is limonene, which contributes to its unique aroma and taste 🍋. Generally, the average price of Gelato Cream ranges between $10 and $15 per gram 💸. Are you seeking a delicious and well-balanced strain that can enhance your enjoyment of life and uplift your mood? Gelato Cream might just be the strain for you 🤩.

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Gelato Cream Genetics

Parent 1First strain Gel
Parent 2Second strain Crm
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